Please forgive the unseemly appearance of this site at the moment.
It is going through a horrific, cocooned adolescence
but will soon emerge more beautiful than before.

I promise.

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The Good Model
The Surprising Email
Silver Screen Society - Life of Brian
Guts of Glory: The Board Game
Book Covers
52 Shades of Greed - Portrait of Chuck Prince
Suspect Device
Monsters, Mummers & Mascots @ InFusion
Imaginary Friends @ Brave New Worlds
First Friday @ Drink Philly
SVA MFAI - Portrait of Daniel Fishel
A Walk in the Park
The Shaman of Beers
Koyama Press - Kickass Annie
Things I Like: A Kid's Book
Dioramas: Drawing at the American Museum of Natural History
Site-Specific Installations
Sketchbook Drawings